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someone who is a victim of aids
i think that mans a bridgeman
by smiffe April 08, 2004
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A Bridgeman is British slang for someone who is a complete and utter Bangout. The title of "bridgeman" ranks above the title of "Neek" and is reserved for only the most elite group of nerds. A bridgeman will often go to or aspire to go to a top university such as Cambridge (which the word is derived from). A typical bridgeman will often achieve top GCSE and A levels grades accompanied by a plethora of extra curricular activities. They have little to no social life and will take any opportunity they can to boast about their academic accomplishments. They are the absolute bottom feeders of the social hierarchy.
Person x: Person y is such a Bridgeman, he got 12 A*s at GCSE and four As at AS level

Person y: I am going to take 3 further A levels this year!
by Xlr8943 October 03, 2016
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