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A movement to educate people about the thoughts, feelings, and criticisms from a 'know-it-all' man. Very cocky and tends to brainwash people easily with its 'know-it-all' mind. Likes to makes stupid comments just to make himself look cool. Full of stupidity. This originated at GHS. Very Dangerous matter.
Like oh my god, I just got converted to Brianism without knowing it. I totally regret it!
by The O'Really Corp. December 14, 2006
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a term in trail building pertaining to trails with large loops that double back on each other often, excessive use of switchbacks
"hey, i was just over there 20 minutes ago, thats a brianism"
by evanjmac October 20, 2007
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A quote, anecdote, quip, thigh-slapper, or witty double-entendre named after the well-known photography professor who so often charms his students with one from his vast library.
Brian: That's your 'plouse' then?
Student: What?
Brian: When you live together, you're playing house - your 'Plouse'!
Student: Ah, a Brianism!
by talimu February 23, 2010
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