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Brenon:A guy who has a big heart, who is a sweetheart, who you could easily get along with.

Brenon: Who is headstrong, accountable, reliable, kindhearted. Brenon, has the funnest personality, light up a room, Brenon, is someone who can make you laugh even when you are feeling at your lowest. It is really good to have someone like Brenon around.
Brenon is a sweetheart.
by Beth Segura January 10, 2012
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The nicest, most innocent looking, cutest boy you'll meet. He is short with long brown hair and a soft brown hue in his eyes like a beagle puppy. He has a soft and monotone voice that is too sweet to handle. He has good friends and can take offensive jokes. He cares about other people's opinions on him and will change how he is for them
Jan: OMG have you met Brenon?
Jenny: Yes, OMG he's so sweet and cute!
by I hate Mason. December 12, 2017
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