your close friends, also you can describe a person who you hung with. bredrins is an amrican slang word used by afro american in US now used commomly in the UK to describe friends and close people.
these are my bredrins- refering to a group OF close friend. gals also call bredrins bois they link up for some activity.
by mass-pedro June 19, 2006
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when your friend is being a dick head embarrassing or said summit dumb in front of your other friends this can be said
friend 1: "Nah soap tastes peng still"

you (saying to friend 2): "Sasha come and collect your bredrin/friend"

friend 2 : "thats your bredrin"
by 102killerdrop October 03, 2018
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(Jamaican Patois, MLE, n.) A word to refer to one's friends. Also can refer to relatives in some cases. Comes from the English word "brethren", a word for one's relatives.
"wagwan mi bredrin wuh ya seh"

"don't fuck with man's bredrin or you'll catch this dotty still"
by ImNotTheOxfordDictionary July 19, 2021
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Close friend its basically a slang word to describe your close or just normal friend's
Person 1 where's your bredrin at
Person 2 he's gonna stop at his yard first then he will come here
by KingLboogieYT November 11, 2019
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On the 18th of July is the day where you appreciate all your friends ‘bredrin
Happy National bredrin day Chloe x
by User678 June 16, 2018
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