The real "urban" definition is to leave quickly, run away. it's not all this, "we were on a break" you guys are thinking too literal.
Let's break!
I broke outta there with the quickness...
by jREADY February 07, 2008
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A really dumb idea that is supposed to save the relationship but only causes more problems and tends to result in the end.
Instead of actually working on stuff, we took a break. So when we got back together nothing got fixed so we broke up. She ended up meeting someone else while we were apart.
by Saint35 June 12, 2007
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Break 1. noun; to tell your girl/boyfriend that you pause your relationship to "sort things out". it usually ends in a beak-up, because it is a lame excuse to get with another girl/guy on the side for a quick hook-up.
After the date, Pam and David went on a break. That same night David slept at Stephanies.
by xStealthModx August 31, 2006
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In competitive forensics, to break is to advance past preliminary rounds to elimination rounds.
Eliz: Hey, did you break to quarterfinals in debate?
Mike: No, Ash and I dropped in octafinals.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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A short reprieve from your duties at work. Usually 15 minutes in length. How many of them you get depends on how long your shift is and/or company policy.
by anonymous October 27, 2004
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