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The act of caking one's penis in sand and then inserting it into the womans love pocket. (Must be done at beach, play sand won't do)
See also: Blazing saddle, Breaded chicken sandwich
"Well, like I was with this guy one time on the beach, an we were, y'know doing it? and he like, caked his ding ding in sand and stuck it in my thingy and I was like Oh My God!
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When you're about to dump your spooge, you spray your load into your partners face, then you grab their head and roll it in the sand; or you can keep a plate of breadcrumbs near the bed.
GirlyGirl: That fucker took me to the beach last night and pulled his dick outta my mouth and came on my face. Then he rolled my face in the sand. Know I know what breaded chicken feels like.
by Buick159 January 14, 2009
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the Breaded Chicken, a superior level of chicken, who has slightly less power then the more superior Chicken Wing has. Thus, both Breaded Chicken and Chicken Wing are hot and sexy since they are azn chickens.
I, Breaded Chicken, can be ruled by Chicken Wing, the ruler of Chicken Wingy land.
by Breaded Chicken March 21, 2004
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