An amazing person who can be an asshole at times but is amazing no matter what with gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. Usually loves pothography. stubborn. But is a hilarious and wonderfull and stunning person all around and any girl would be lucky to have him.
Person 1- Who is that amazing gorgeous peron over there taking pictures

Person 2- Oh that's Braylon he's stunnig right?
by forgiveandforgetlovelife September 10, 2010
best person ever( If u piss him off he will fucking kill you) But over that very kind and thoughtful.
me: Bitch.
by yrhfgj May 21, 2021
He is a handsome , smart , loving guy. He has sparkling brown eyes and is a dark skin beauty. He is liked by many girls and will date the right one for him most times. He makes a perfect couple with a girl with the letter “J”.
woah Braylon is a good guy. “

“I wish I was like Braylon. “
by Manham March 27, 2018
Statistically the nicest human to ever live
Girl: Is that Braylon?
Girl#2: Yea, HES the nicest person to ever live
by Awesome 5000 December 6, 2019
Sexy brown skinned chill type of guy. He might be a slight slutty boy, but will for sure settle when he finds the right girl. Smart, honest, and dependable. Not someone you wanna cross, or things will get ugly for you. Doesn’t go out much, usually chills and gets money. GREAT, AWESOME in bed. Big dick
Girl: “I want a braylon
Boy: “Don’t all girls”
by fhgfhhvuf February 23, 2019
A G.O.A.T at anything and good a kissing and pulling girls
by Quick Wiki November 13, 2020
Sexy brownskinned, chill type of guy. Braylon is a little slutty boy, but will settle when he finds the right girl. He has great sense of fashion and is handsome even when he doesn’t try.Great in bed😉 Big cock. Very honest, doesn’t really go out much, likes to chill and make money. Would be a perfect couple with a girl with the letter “J” Get a braylon they are the best.
Hey girl! you date braylon?
Hey girl! yes he’s great in bed.
by fhgfhhvuf February 23, 2019