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Brasher (n.)
- 1. A crazy, out of control, or wild party or event.

- 2. A crazy, out of control, or wild person.
Ex 1.) "That party last night was a total brasher! The cops had to come shut it down."

Ex 2.) "John is such a brasher! He is always the life of the party!"
by G6G6G6 September 10, 2011
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The woman who strikes fears into all of our hearts. She is characterized by her spine-tingling glares and habit of grabbing students by the arm and leading them away.
Whenever I see Brasher my heart starts racing and I immediately avert my path into the nearest open classroom.

After Brasher clutched onto my arm last month, I needed to go to the hospital for reconstruction surgery.
by Thuypham February 08, 2010
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The home of the hicks. There is no civilization there. Also home of my boyfriend, and my best friend's boyfriend. There are no paved roads, nor cars, and you can't see your neighbors, because they're all 30 miles apart. The most popular transportation systems are tractors, but those are expensive, horse and buggy, or fourwheelers but only the rich citizens of Brasher have those. Other names for Brasher are, the bush, the boonies, the woods, the backwoods, the outback, or hickville.
Them folk ain't wearin' clothes, them must be from Brasher!
by Anonymous Dez & Liz April 19, 2005
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a warning given by U.S. air traffic controllers over the radio to pilots/pedestrians/vehicles to inform them of a possible deviation. ("N12345, Possible Pilot Deviation, Call XYZ Control Tower/Approach Control/Center"). Deviations are anything that violate FAA Regulations or control instructions that a pilot, pedestrian, or vehicle may have not complied with.
Controller to another Controller: Give that guy the brasher cuz, he came into the airspace without calling us.
by Motrin Abuser May 03, 2017
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A dumb arse that makes an online accommodation booking without reading or understanding the policies that may effect them later on. No refund... means no fucking refund.
Frank, "Honey I made an accommodation booking online BUT I didn't read the booking policy... that it is a non-refundable booking... It has a shared bathroom and I know how you hate shared bathrooms. Now I cant get our money back. "

Wife/Partner, "Frank you are seriously a fucking stupid Brasher cunt. No wonder i'm cheating on you and fucking your best friend."
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by amaysing August 29, 2017
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