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One who is transgendered while also considered a brother, or "bro"
"Yo man you see that tranny ova there?"
"Naw man that's they mad chill"
"Ohhhh, they a branny?"
by SALTY November 30, 2013
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Makes plans but never follows through with them. A person who is extremely overly happy. Inexplicably happy, psychotically happy.
Person 1: Hey, you want to meet me at the movies at 5:00?
Person 2: Yea
5:00 comes around and person 2 never showed.
Person 1: Man, I can't believe she pulled a brany on me!

Gee today is great day cause I'm in such a branny mood! :D
by BrandNewPwns February 07, 2010
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