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a 13 year old girl who deserves nothing but love! she didnt do anything wrong so stop hating on her
annie leblanc doesnt deserve hate
neither does kenzie ziegler
by aksjdnndxj June 17, 2018
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Annie Leblanc, a 13 year old , retird gymnast , singer, and vlogger. She first rose to fame when her family decided to start a family vlogging channel Bratayley in 2010.They were the first family to start vlogging on YouTube. Annie has 2 other siblings, a younger sister Hayley Leblanc , and older brother Caleb Leblanc. Unfortunately, Caleb passed away in 2015.
Annie in 2017 decided to quit gymnastics because of her constant traveling through Maryland to L.A. In late 2017 she joined a hair company group named "ROCK YOUR HAIR" She toured with them through the nation. Then she released a song cover of "Little do you know" with Hayden Summerall. In mid 2018 she decided to call quits with RYH due to her personal projects. She stars in youtube web series " Chicken Girls" on the "Brat" youtube channel. She is currently working on " Chicken Girls: The Movie" and "A girl named jo" which stars Nickelodeon's Addison Riecke. She has released a few songs like, Ordinary Girl, Little Things, and Picture This. She has sang a few songs for her web series "Chicken Girls" like, Girl Time, Somebody's Heart, Photograph, and Birds of a Feather. Annie Leblanc has over 5.9 million Instagram followers. Her Instagram is @annieleblanc . Her full name is "Julianna Grace Leblanc"
Annie Leblanc has 6.0 million followers on Instagram
by irrelevantoofer June 17, 2018
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Annie Leblanc is a teenage social media influence. She appears on Brat’s youtube channel, on severesl different shows. Annie has recently released many songs, and may have more in the near future!
OMG! That’s Annie Leblanc!
My favorite actor/actress on Chicken Girls is Annie Leblanc.
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by sparklingbratayley June 28, 2018
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Julianna Grace "Annie" Leblanc is a Youtuber and rising social media personality, famous for her family vlogging channel "Bratayley" and own Youtube channel "Annie LeBlanc". She was one of three siblings, however, her brother Caleb sadly passed away in 2015, making her the oldest sibling. Annie works with companies like Rock Your Hair and Brat and has released multiple songs (covers and originals), on track to do more. She has worked with other social media stars like Hayden Summerall, Carson Lueders, Brooke Butler and Rush Butler. She has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 10 million on on her @annieleblanc account.
by Book Magnet December 12, 2017
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A 14 year old girly that deserves nothing but love!

Annie's real name is Julianna, but her late brother Caleb couldn't say that. Now she just goes by Annie.
Annie LeBlanc is dating Asher Angel as of 2-14-19.
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by Annie LeBlanc May 22, 2019
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Annie is a 14 rear old girl that deserves the world. She is a actor singer and a former gymnast. She is dating the one and only Asher Angel and they are soo fucking CUTE af. Ashannie is the best ship name EVER.
Annie Leblanc + Asher Angel = ASHANNIE🖤💛
by Ashannie 4 life May 26, 2019
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A beautiful, talented girl who doesn’t deserve hate. Her singing and acting are amazing and she has an amazing sister who supports her in everything.
Wow. Annie Leblanc is beautiful girl!
by Lovelybread June 17, 2018
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