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As the name says-peace on the first place. But, deeply, in the middle of the smallest cell there is a big battle between two profiles. One is young fire and red wine, but other is quite ice and and romantic poet. Sometimes, the ice burns so strong like it will destroy everything and than creates more beautiful reality. His life is written like the most misterious story. Known, yet so unknown. He has the sweetest blood-like cherry wine. He has the deepest eyes-like the idea of space. He is an inspiration to the writer, a sun to the flower, a sea to the ships and sky to the stars. Everybody gets enchanted when they see him. But, he is enchanted with only one thing in life! There is no place where he doesn't belong. Wherever he's gone, there's missing. He can be everything he wants to be! He just needs to believe!

But there are always the ones who believe for him!
Timless is the name of Branimir's heart !
by la1la1la1 March 22, 2017
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Branimir is a name for someone who is known for their weird and pervy sense of humor and they make people around themselves happy and better.
That's just how they influence in other people.
Branimir made it possible for me to get good at "sports".
Branimir is so gorgeous that I think I'm not worthy of his presence.
by KenKanekiKen March 27, 2017
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