When computer chat or e-mails rival real life connection.
We connected so strong that it was like braindancing.
by tillzen October 28, 2007
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Name of a musical genre, created by the UK electronic music label Rephlex Records in the 90's, in this time is when the term IDM also appears.

Braindance is electronic experimental music mostly, there are included drill n' bass, acid house, future lounge, electro and some other weird electronic music.

Big and influential electronic music artists such as µ-Ziq, Squarepusher, AFX, Luke Vibert, started under the braindance file.
braindance is... incredible! braindance is... boundless; eclectic; entertaining; rephreshing; fullfilling; wholehearted; sensual; stimulating; bold; unconventional; real, imaginary; visionary; essential; debonair... BRAINDANCE is unique!
by Neto May 27, 2004
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Braindance is a genre of electronic music heavily inspired by acid techno and IDM. Braindance songs typically have a moderate-fast tempo, analogue-sounding synths (including the 303 or a clone of its sound), and analogue drum machine sounds or breakbeats.
Aphex Twin is the one of most well-known and acclaimed braindance musicians.
by lempamo August 17, 2020
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A musical genre which hipsters use to think they above the average hipster but fail to realize they are simply just chasing another trend.
hipster#1: so glad i came to this autechre concert to get away from those stupid skrillex listening hipsters
hipster#2: LOL. Braindance FTW.
by RaveMasta1 February 3, 2017
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