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A drinking game played with a goon bag. It involves passing it around a circle and stating a word which relates to the one preceeding it. If a player is unable to think of a word within exactly 3 seconds, they must drink.
The drinkee is then required to state a new starting word from which the game can continue.
Person 1: 'Dog'
Person 2: 'Food'
Person 3: 'Court'
Person 4: 'Yard'
Person 1: 'Sail'
Person 2: ' i dunno'

Everyone: 'DRINK!'

Person 2: 'i love box fingers mcgee
by Facemanpoobum February 23, 2009
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Box Fingers McGee is a drinking game. A goon bag is preferable because, due to its taste, it prevents players deliberately playing the game badly so they can drink. Two or more players sit in a circle in the order that they are seated in. If the formation is not a perfect circle, the gods will not be pleased and the ritual will be useless. However, Box Fingers McGee's soul purpose is to be a useless ritual which does not please gods, therefore uneven or broken circles are desired. Squares are NOT permitted. Once seated, play is initiated by the most respected or senior player. This is usually the person in current possession of the goon bad, or whoever picks up the nearest goon bag in order for the game to start. If two or more goon bags are in possession, the one containing the most volume will be used. To begin the rally, the individual in possession of the goon bag calls out a word. Hyphenated words, proper nouns, and plurals are not permitted (with the excepting of the Tri-Powered Box Fingers Mcgee Cheap Shot Attack*). Upon uttering the word, the player passes the bag to the play on his/her left. The second player then has exactly 3 drunk seconds* to say a word which relates to the first word. The exact definition of 'relates to' varies between different groups, but it is generally accepted as a thing, which is an entity in its own right, and which is used in everyday language. For example, 'red pencil', 'bird wing' and 'fish dog', are UNacceptable. They are not specific things. 'Bird bath', 'pencil case', 'xiphoid process' are all ACceptable. If a player says any unacceptable form of word, any word with an unacceptable relation to the first word, or says no word at all, they lose. Players who lose a rally are required to drink from goon bag for an adequate amount of time. Players who wish to drive home, or who have sever stomach ulcers, may opt for a punch in the arm from the player to their right, rather than drinking. Once play has stopped due to the error of any persons, and said person has received his/her form of punishment, play is resumed when said person states a new word. Other beverages may be consumed by players when they are not directly participating in the rally. This excludes, however, non-alcoholic beverages and goon.

Once a new player is introduced to Box Fingers McGee it is their sworn duty to spread the game all around their friendship group, and other groups they may find themselves in. This allows as many people as possibly to enjoy the challenge, excitement and sexual arousal that Box Fingers McGee delivers.

* The Tri-Powered Box Fingers Mcgee Cheap Shot Attack is as strategic move in Box Fingers Mcgee. If a player has just said 'box', the player to their left may choose to say 'fingers'. The third player usually then says 'mcgee', because they can't think of anything. Player four always has to drink after the attack, regardless of their response. This is part of the reason it is named the ‘cheap shot attack’. Saying the word ‘fingers’ after the word ‘box’ is the only time any player may use a plural. If the player three says a word instead of ‘McGee’, and it makes sense with ‘fingers’, the rally will continue but at the end player two will also have to drink because they said a plural. The Tri-Powered Box Fingers Mcgee Cheap Shot Attack may be used only once in a sitting.

The Tri-Powered Game-Boy Advanced Cleverness Attack is similar to the Tri-Powered Box Fingers Mcgee Cheap Shot Attack. This is when three players use three words to state an entity. ‘Game-boy advanced’ were the words used when the attack was first used. It is called the Cleverness attack, because player three must exhibit almost super-human sharpness and wit. The move is uncommon because the first to words must be an entity in themselves, but also retain meaning with the addition of the third word. The second and third word to not have to retain meaning by themselves. A player on the receiving end of a Tri-Powered Game-Boy Advanced Cleverness Attack is not forced to drink, but it is unlikely that player four will think of something in time. Player four is usually stupid, that’s why player one and two don’t want to sit next to him. Also, the move may be used multiple times in a sitting.

'Game Boy Advanced, Walt Disney Company and formula one racing are all acceptably Tri-Powered Game Boy Advanced Cleverness Attack words;

'Blue Suedu Shoes' and 'Munchausen By Proxy' are not because' blue suede' and 'munchausen by' are not specific things. Box Fingers McGee is not to be played between the hours of 10:36 and 14:27, unless drinking has continued to those hours from the previous night with no sleep interval.

* Three 'drunk seconds' is not a fixed amount of time. The time will vary between states of intoxication and impatience. Time is usually acknowledged as being 'up' when other players start yelling at the player who hasn't said a word yet.


Box Fingers McGee should be spelled with capitals because it is a proper noun. The accepted shortened forms of Box Fingers McGee are Box Fingers or Box Fings. BFM, Box McGee, Boxy, That Goon Bag Game, are all UNACCEPTED, and quite ridiculous. Games with similar, but varied game play should not be referred to as Box Fingers McGee unless consultation with the game's creators, board members, or senior players has taken place.
Person 1: hey man do you wanna play Box Fingers Mcgee?

Person 2: yeah i love Box Fingers/Box Fings
by poofacemcgeelolz August 26, 2009
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