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Friend, Term used to describe a buddy or pal in lieu of their name. Particularly in Louisiana, Texas and surrounding states.
Hey Boudro, let's go grab a beer after work.
by ggray December 09, 2008
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A wrestling camp that every wrestling team in Michigan goes to right after school ends. The camp is 3-4 days long. Campers stay in hotels in the Upper Peninsula and live off of pizza. There are some beautiful views. You go to Mackinac island. It is ran by RJ Boudro, the head coach of the D2 power house Lowell High School. There is also a team tourny. There are a lot of "clinicians" who teach whatever they want. They are just there to get payed and make you think you are getting your money's worth in technique (you aren't). The camp kind of sucks in terms of making you better at wrestling but its fun. Your coach will likely force you to go there and tell you that you will not make it out of districts if you didn't go. (Its a waste of money but still a good time).
Wrestler #1: Coach I went to Boudro but I still didn't make it out of districts?
Coach: That's because you don't train hard enough.
Wrestler #1: I wish I used my money on Jeff Jordan...
Wrestler #2 who didn't go to Boudro or any camps that just wrestled at open rooms hard and lifts makes it to states
Wrestler #1: Man i'm outa this bitch. I'm transferring to Brighton... Davison... CC... Dundee... Lowell... Hudson...

Coach: Time to find more skinny freshmen...
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by Demmenick May 21, 2019
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A sweet red, hot cake bong that is used only in red trucks and smoked by a kid named Pong Lee Chedda.
I was ripping Boudro all night.
by Buckets March 17, 2005
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