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Someone who generally acts like an idiot or sleezebag and adorns his/her self with overly tacky clothing, jewelry, and/or electronic devices. Said person is usually arrogant and cares little about those perceived to be "beneath" him/her.
Jane: Did you see that tacky couple at the cafe yesterday sucking face and yelling at the servers in front of all those kids?

Sally: Yeah, I sure did. What a couple of bouchies!
by Lovehailstorm October 06, 2011
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the boy form of couchie. a boy couchie. a butthole. kinda of like how gay men use “bussy” instead of “pussy”
“Oh my god. He’s so hot. He can fuck my bouchie.”
I have to go clean my bouchie.”
by ted evelyn mosby March 16, 2018
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