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1. When the penis or other intrument used in a vagina, hits the back wall and can not go in any furthur.
2. To reach an end or back of the vagina.
My cock is so big that I bottom out in all but the skankiest whores or fat chicks.
by bot-tom ewt May 07, 2003
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When a gay man decides he's going to let another gay man fuck him. The guy taking the dick up his ass is, in this situation, the bottom whether he is on his back, on all fours or sitting on the dick. Regardless of the position, if the dude's getting plowed he has decided to "bottom out."
Tom got so tired of hearing his boyfriend Will whine about it, he finally decided to bottom out for a change.
by ricodude July 17, 2013
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when a human,or other living being becomes so stressed or pressured that they stop functioning. This usually lasts for an indefinite amount of time and can be accompanied by a stroke looking face and a loud "buuurrrrrrr" sound that the person makes out of smoke.
The calculus test was so hard that all of the students bottomed out.

The students bottomed out when they saw their AP Physics exam.

The mother couldn't help but bottom out when she aw how high her bills were.
by Alejo513 August 17, 2011
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When an individual takes an unhealthy dose of caffeine or performance enhancing compound and has an adverse medical outcome. Usually symptoms include, rapid heart rate, knee sweats, tunnel vision, fainting, vaginal pain and a real sense of fear, (of death). Numerous alcoholic beverages prior to consumption of the performance enhancer blend has been shown to increase risk.
Wow , Guillermo took 2 scoops of Mr. Hyde with his D-Bol, I hope he doesn't bottom out again, I really don't want to go to the ER again!
by EUCBOYZ March 06, 2017
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