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1. Breeds of women who have been draining men’s booze for years, bouncing from city to city, table to table, Grey Goose to Red Bull. This is a person (usually a woman) who loves to drink the booze you bought for yourself or others with your hard earned money, usually without asking, but also can do so under the assumed assumption that it's "cool" with you (usually isn't). The owner of the bottle(s)/beer is usually a True Gentleman, however, and lets it slide. Very unsettling in these hard economic times.

2. The root of all evil.
True Gentleman:I'm so glad I can relax after a hard week at work with this bottle of Goose.

Sororistute: .....I'll just help myself to a shot or two...or three.

True Gentleman: ..I guess it's cool...Bottle Pirate strikes again!
by IL-GA December 22, 2010
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Bipedal individual who collects bottles and cans out of curbside recycling for their cash redemption value.
Really? My bottle pirate is so quiet and efficient, I never notice him.
by thebrenna February 14, 2011
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