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Training sessions, corporate videos, processing meetings, human resources intakes; borientation involves plunging headfirst into the esoteric excrement of your new institutional identity. Its sole purpose is to wring the last vestiges of individualism from your soul before you begin your corporate, educational or other insipid journey.
Freddy: When do you start work?
Velma: Well, I think I'll probably start working on Wednesday, but first I have to endure two horrific days of borientation.
by Matthew Lake November 12, 2007
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The first day of work with a new employer, often involves hours of Human Resources psycho babble that doesn’t even pertain to your new position, leading to boredom beyond belief!
Kand: "Hey Shari, how do you like the new job?"

Shari: "I really hope this job is for me, because I don't think I can handle another borientation"
by Seahawkassault May 28, 2009
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