where they all had knockers and super swoops and head bands and matching to the MAX and them dummy backpacks
Look at those boppers over there. They always be doing too much ! They never got their own style !
by Mona & Nancie July 03, 2006
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somebody who all over sombody else and would do anything to stay on them
shalonda is all over danico
by dada February 16, 2005
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1.a female/male who gives oral pleasure frequently
2. someone who chases after someone of the opposite sex
1.That girl is a bopper.
2.Are you still trying to get with that? Stop acting like a bopper.
by littlediva04 January 08, 2004
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A person (usually a female) who hangs around a certain person just because of who that person is or what that person has.
I'm tired of these boppers fucking with me just because I'm a celebrity now.
by krazykiki April 28, 2006
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A female who promiscuously and habitually creeps on a select social group, choosing and taking home a different member of the group for sexual activity every night. Known to chose a male each night and latch on to this "chosen one" until culmination in sexual intercourse. At first meeting, will seem innocent, but after a night of "bopping" her true identity as a life sucker is well known to her victims.
Dude, so I see that (insert name here) is with the Bopper tonight... I thought he was better than that, desperate times...
by OU Bopper March 08, 2008
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someone who isnt very cool but somehow maybe through older siballings get sto be seen with coold people to look "cool"
yo im tellin u jasoin is always with us but never talks or stands out hes such a bopper
by kickak June 04, 2005
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