1.to dance in a sexually explicit way often termed ghetto making your ass cheeks clap while shaking ones hips.
2. Shaking hips side to side to the beat of the music, the faster your ass shakes the better your booty dance.
3.to thrust hips in a circle stopping at intervals in a robotic motion before returning into a liquid motion of grinding then back into a booty shake
To shake your hips and ass cheeks to the beat of the music the faster the better making your flesh jiggle when you hit it, to grind down and back dat ass up as though you had a playay under you bout to get some ass.
by Hoodrat Hoodrat Hoochie Momma February 27, 2005
poppin your booty hard....
shakin shakin shakin whatcha momma gave ya!!
"so pop your booty like beyonce got me fallin crazy in love making me wanna say...uh uh uh uh oh!"
by JiLL!! February 2, 2004
the most appalling and shittiest way to "dance". it isn't really dancing, because it's barely rhythmic. it is what rap-lovers refer to when they say you can't dance to Rock.

If you enjoy booty-dancing, please don't do it at any party I happen to be attending... I will yell in a drunken rage, "GET A FUCKING ROOM, YOU RETARDS"!
Well, of course you can't booty dance to Rock! To so much as even attempt it would be blasphemy and therefore grounds for an ass-kicking!
by anonymous rap-hater October 2, 2006
When Tracy gets on stage during a night of drinking and decides to try and shake her ass like she was in a P Diddy video.
Hey, The Band just pulled Tracy on stage to dance. Look at her doing the Booty Dance. I wonder if she realizes that everyone in the bar knows her.
by John September 15, 2003
When a female places her ass on a male\'s penis area and moves it around to try to make a \"tent\"
Lisa freak danced with joe and he got a major hard on because her ass was shaking TONZ!
by un answerable April 27, 2005
When 10 black grandmas from the same neighborhood meet up annually to strip, pour syrup on their thighs and have a big lesbian orgy.
Dalton: Hey Man do you wanna come to my house this weekend?
Chris: Nah Man I'd rather go see the Booty Bop Line Dance.
by dckillinspree July 13, 2011