To get destroyed mentally or physically.
While playing fortnite, I was bootered by the sweatiest neckbeard.

At the party, I drank so much funny water that I got bootered in no time.
by Sen Booterman August 7, 2018
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to be absolutely fucking zoinked off drugs or alcohol. like to another fucking dimension where you can see sound and hear colors.
My nigga Derwick was bootered off the Henny last night
by kichtherid December 31, 2021
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An online tool used to perform DDoS attacks or stress tests.
I used NovalyTech's free booter to ddos my network!
by January 20, 2015
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Booters is a combination of two words, booty and hooters. It can have two connotations, positive or negative. It can refer to the positive, which is an ass so perky and tight that it resembles a pair of breasts or the negative, which is a pair of breasts so saggy and nasty that they resemble an ass.
Positive: "Damn...Michelle has some nice booters."

Negative: "Holy shit...that chick had some ugly ass booters."
by Wolfcounsel February 7, 2009
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1. Big ass jumps with big ass air
ross wants to yank that thang and hit them booters
by nitrodiablo June 22, 2018
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A term used to describe a ski jump instead of saying a jump. Most oftenly used by those who natural selection has not claimed yet. The Midwest Massive CEO Will Brunker generally uses this term with the adjectives fresh and young.
"Dude lets build a booter right there!"

When people ask you "Why the fuck are you saying this?"

Reply "Mark Abma says this" (Said in a raspy, crusty, underlying homosexual tone)
by Chuck Darwin January 29, 2011
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One who is annoying, obnoxious, loud, a pussy, or a faggot.
Man this booter needs to shut the fuck up before i smack a nigga. Ya heard?
by this is yerk July 18, 2008
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