'Oi bruv, you wanna hit up the toilet and rack up some booters?'
by Cast tree February 10, 2018
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a shirt faggot in highschool but he looks 5, wears a sweatshirt with no sleeves and thinks they are good at skooting. Is at the skate park 24/7
I got apex bars im so good im a booter
by Skateoer March 19, 2017
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An extremely large jump where a person will get a significant amount of air off of. A jump that will send you to the moon...
Dude, look at that moon booter over there. We are gonna get booted to the moon!
by rogular January 15, 2018
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An old french man who steals the buttons off of women's clothing and then hides the buttons under his foreskin. After about a week or two of not washing, the buttons will become gooey and encrusted with smegma. After the man has accumulated 100 buttons under his foreskin, he finds an empty baby food jar, peels his foreskin back, and then scraps off all of the buttons into the jar. After collecting several jars, the man then hides around town in bushes and other areas of concealment; and when a lady is about to pass by, he opens a jar and jumps out in the open, throwing a handful of buttons at the woman and yells CLOUF-BOOTEN!
That clouf-booter should be arrested for public indecency!
by ThePrarieNigger February 20, 2014
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Getting mad high and drunk ie. "crunk" especially used by freestyle skiers and snowboarders.
"Are you getting booter crunk tonight"
"Oh yea man i got weed and 40's"

Or as a shout out-- BOOTA CRUNK!!!
by mikr September 3, 2006
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