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Noob spelled backwards with a part of retard added at the end. All the gay fags that cant play videogames are referred to as this.
:Michael still has to play NBA Street on Easy.
:What a "boontard"
by the_alec April 11, 2008
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Often used in gaming and was originally conceived by a member of the ={NF}= "no fear" clan of Spearhead fame. His name was "Spunkmeier" or "spunky" for short.

The term was formed of two words "noob" meaning a newbie who cannot play for shit. And Bastard. The noob was reversed and added to the last part of Bastard to form "boontard"...

This word was used instead of calling someone a "bastard noob" one would simply say BOONTARD!
Don't stand there, you'll get shot in the head you fucking boontard!!
by Philzee April 09, 2009
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