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Boombatz- simply put a boombatz is an egotistic, gregarious type of person who may on occasion make comments about women that don’t quite reach the level of misogyny; however these comments are definitely sexist (Boombatzs’ like women who are well-endowed and ill-informed). A word of caution, Boombatzs’ also tend to be incredibly aggressive at times, which can spell trouble for their prey. Boombatzs’ favorite prey include midgets (or little people for those who want to be politically correct), moochers and Mongolians. Even though this may not be the most vivid description of a Boombatz, believe me you will know when you see one.
Did you see what that Boombatz did? He took out a group of a dozen midgets with his bare hands!
by sally boombatz January 08, 2011
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