To open a book, lube up the pages, then place your member in and slam it shut and make sweet love to your book.
Well i was studying last night and my book really started looking good, so i lubed up and bookfucked that algebra book hard
by TheGreatDomini May 05, 2008
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1. Verb: To lift a prolific quantity of books from a chain bookstore.

2. Noun: a term of endearment for someone who possesses many stolen books from large chain stores.

3. Verb: Any perverse act which involves a book.
1. "Man I totally book fucked a full backpack this weekend in St. James."

2. "Awe, he is such a sweet little book fuck."

3. "That guy loves it when I book fuck him with a trashy romance novel."
by Book fuck lover December 04, 2008
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