a boofriend is someone you quite aren't ready to make you're boyfriend or girlfriend and they are more to you than just friends with benefits of a simple boo; boo and a friend not a boyfriend
Girl 1: "Is that your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "No he's a boofriend"
Girl 1: "What makes him a boofriend"
Girl 2: "Cause he's my boo and my friend"
by lizzi_08 September 30, 2009
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A Guy/Girl That Is Like Your Bestfriend, That You Sometimes Do Stuff With. (Not Friends With Benifits) stuff like sleep with, kiss ocassionally, dance with, watch movies with, etc...
Thats not my girl/boy, that's my boofriend.
by Keesytouchy December 6, 2010
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a friend who has the qualities of a bf/gf without the title.
Last night my boofriend brought me and my kids some food
by Mankeedoo January 4, 2019
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A boo that’s your friend. A friend that’s closer than just a friend, but not somebody you’re fucking.
by Karver March 21, 2021
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