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when a girl uses her boobs to slap you in the face (must be a DD or bigger to work)
"jo's boobs were so big that they made red marks on your face after the boob slap"

by goddambats May 27, 2006
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when two females hug and their breasts meet before their arms
"What the hell?"
"Oh...sorry I didn't mean to boob slap you"
by fashionfreak March 03, 2009
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When a woman slaps a man’s face using her breast while his face is between them. During love making, the “Woman on Top” position has such moments.
The best kind of slap a woman can ever give you is a boobslap.
Lets Boobslap and not bitchslap :)
by Jamesbondkimaa July 15, 2016
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