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the funniest way to misspell "stereotype"... i can't believe there are 3 (now 4) definitions for this word rofl
please learn how to spell kids
by sinstone June 01, 2005
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The most obvious sign of ignorance. Often used by teenagers, and is carried on in to adulthood.Most commonly it is a mass rationalation encompasing an entire group based on phyisical appearance, race, dress, or other exterior features.
"She's wearing a pentagram, she must worship the devil!"
"Black people are such criminals."
"Preps are so stuck up."
"Man,Goth kids are fucking weird."
by James Hickey March 30, 2004
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The larger audience version of labels. They include:

- All Asians are short and good at math
- All Americans are fat and rich
- All blacks are gangsta
- All French are lazy assholes that like frog legs and are named Pierre
- All Germans are nazis that have shnitzle
- All Russians are mean bastards
- All children have cellphones
- All Africans have AIDS
- All Southerners are cowboys that shit on blacks
- All Mexicans are illegal immagrants that sell drugs
- All Canadians are blondies with blue eyes and love hockey like the shizz
- All housewives enjoy gossiping about the neighbor kid
- All men are assholes after they marry
- Every icecream man is either a pedo hoping to snag and rape a kid or an undercover spy
Dude- Holy shit! Illegal Immagrant!
Chick- How do you know?
Dude- He's MEXICAN.
Chick- Damn sterotypes.
by Star*Girl June 28, 2009
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A form of interacial racism that is generally acceptable by society (ie)
Emos hate Preps.
Emos are believed to cry all the time and cut.
Preps only think of them selves and no one else.
Goths are dark and creepy.
Geeks are 20 year old men with glasses and pimples.
Jocks are Stupid althletes who act like they got dropped on their heads...multiple times.

So thats a basic breakdown, soon sterotype racism will replace racial racism then we wont have to worry about Blacks, or Hispanics, when teens in our own schools start shooting classmates because of the sterotype assioacted with them. Most examples of sterotypes and misconceptions are false, and only apply to certain people, (ie) Emos dont cut or cry all the time, but some emos are known to.
Jocks arent dumber then door nails but also some are known to be.

The point i'm trying to get across here is GET A LIFE, it dosent matter if your jock, or emo, or prep, or if you have friends that are, their still human beings, so stfu and move on.
prep: fucking emo!
Emo: Fucking prep!
Jock: hi
Prep and Emo: what do you want jock?!
normal kid: you guys are so sterotype, get a life.
by Soul Cal September 17, 2009
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