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Not bona fide; a fluke; a charlatan.

Comes from ESPN's "Fantasy Focus" podcast where Nate "The Say Nay Kid" Ravitz and Matthew "Talented Mr. Roto" Berry play the game "Bona fide or Bonifacio?" In this game, they analyze whether a player has legitimate skills or is just on a lucky hot streak.

Comes from baseball player Emilio Bonifacio, who started off the 2009 season on fire but then faded into obscurity.
Dad 1: "Little Johnny had a great first T-Ball game. He got two hits and made a nice play at second base."
Dad 2: "Get out of here. Your kid is totally bonifacio. My kid's team is going to shit all over his bitch-ass team's face next game. You just wait. Then next year when my kid gets to pitch, well haha, let's just say Johnny better not forget his facemask, because he'll be getting a little chin music if you know what I mean. YOUR ASS IS GOIN' DOWN!"
Dad 1: "It's T-Ball, dude, calm down."
by Nicholas D August 24, 2011
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