An a capella or with accompaniment of household guitars, drums, harmonicas, etc... which is created spontaneously during impairment of THC (works best if it really is a bong) being consumed. These songs often feature knee slapping, foot stomping, air guitar playing, sound effects, or any other form of simple music. During these songs most people imagine the thought through your mind that you will one day be famous for creating such strange and beautiful music, but never say anything out loud.
"Hey Adam," screams Jeff. "We just wrote a new 32 minute bong song!" Adam gestures his hand as a billboard sign. "We call it... erm...heu he he....... 'Bong Song'...heuheh.." explained Adam, slowly becoming confused.
by TangClock July 26, 2009
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A random jingle, tune, carol, song, anthem, ballad, or shanty made while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.
"Man Colin was messed up on hash at the party last night, he made up this crazy Bong Song." "Hashish, Hashish, it's illegal but I love it!"
by hashweeddopesongbirds July 05, 2009
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