Type of waterpipe used for smoking. Smoking a bong allowed M.Phelps to win all of his gold medals.
M.Phelps - "Phew, glad i smoked a bong before that big race. I knew i wouldn't place first without it."
by Cash_adssmoke February 05, 2009
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a interesting melody that can entice the human mind to be more creative and think of interestingly complex items
"man this bong has made my mind come up with, like, crazy shit duude. How does garfield eat that much lasangna?"
by Cool_dude October 13, 2003
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a marijuana smoking device often considered more healthy/less harsh then pipes, steamrollers n joints.
dude wtf pouring bong water in a vagina wont make it taste better you dumbfuck. this was obviously stated by someone who has never drank bong water.
by Blazin' Pirate June 30, 2003
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they get you fucked up...no lie...the proper tool for a proper hump day. If you want to get fucked up nice and quick, a bong is the best way to go...a bong is probably more important to true heads than anything else...they dream, talk, write,and draw about it...most even name their bong to make it complete
damn let me hit that bong one more time...wanna go to the beach
by i aint cha bitch March 31, 2005
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Used to smoke marijuana mostly. But can be used to smoke other things.
Glass bongs are the best.
Come on over and he can hit the bong
by dewnsey November 15, 2003
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