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Also can be used as bonestormin' or bonestormed.
To have sex with a man, specifically when a woman targets a man's penis (aka bone) and storms that shit.
This is generally a targeted act, though it requires consent from both parties.
Chelsea totally bonestormed that cute mullet boy from the bar last night...he did not have a chance!

"That boy is a babe! I want to bonestorm him!" said Chelsea. "So you are gonna storm his bone?" asked Bonnie. "Yeah his bone in gonna get stormed!" exclaimed Chelsea.
by Chelsea_B December 10, 2009
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A bone storm is a party or event where the ratio of female to male attendees is very low. Also known as a sausage party.
I went to this party last night and there wasn't a single girl there, it was a total bone storm!
by Phisherpryce February 17, 2009
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The act of having sex with a random female
Dude, this girl wants it so hard, cumulus clouds are forming, there is a potential 6-8 inch bonestorm brewing on the horizon.

If it is with dark skinned island girl, It would be called a tropical bonestorm

other terms that can be used are "the eye of the bonestorm", and "the perfect bonestorm"
by lokimonster November 15, 2010
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1. The legendary phrase that is screamed from the undead mouth of Lord Marrowgar.
2. Lord Marrowgar - FIRIN' HIS LAZOR

Originated from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Inside the Icecrown Citadel - The first major boss.
1. Dude, stay out of the fucking cold flame during Bonestorm!
by Soultar May 18, 2010
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1. disproportional ratio of males to females in a given area
2. situation wherein 100% of the population is male
Are you ok? I didn't think you'd survive that bonestorm at Danny's party last night.

Oh, we passed sausage fest a looong time ago. What we have here is a bonestorm!
by realdealfunkyfresh January 18, 2011
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Bone storm is to have sex with another person wildly.

Bone Storm is a reference to World Of Warcraft the first boss in Icecrown Citadel named Marrowgar has a special move called Bone Storm and he spins wildly about.
Dude I heard you were going to Bone storm that chick in your english class tonight?!
by Greybite April 25, 2010
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A party where every girl is super hot. Every guy there has boners to spare.
I was at a bone storm last night. I didn't think I'd make it home without blowing my wad.
by lmnoplump May 15, 2011
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