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When a bunch of dudes are together at a strip club or a party when they want ass but no chicks. A bunch of guys that get boners together but not because of each other but because of the lack of pussy and the need to hit it.
Dude, last night's party was such a bonerfest. Gay.
by bonerfestlover4234 December 30, 2007
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Used in reference to a sexual experience involving two or more males.
Frank: "Where's Jared?"
Alex: "With Claudio. Probably having a bonerfest."
Frank: "Oh."
Alex: "Wanna have a bonerfest?"
Frank: "I'll have a bonerfest."
by Al-Mac May 23, 2008
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A gathering of people who have a hard on for feeling like they're saving the day. This festival typically takes place among the various fields of Emergency Services. Too many units respond to a scene and everyone gets a hard on and measures the size of their dicks. Talking over each other on the radio, unnecessarily calling for a life flight bird, running emergency traffic to non emergency calls, etc."

You can typically expect a Boner Fest of enormous proportions when there is a house fire, vehicle fatality, and of course the timeless unidentified liquid sitting on the side of the road in a jug. Could be piss, could be a nuclear chemical but hells bells who cares? I'm driving this fire truck out there with my dick hard as a rock until I get to the bottom of this.
"all the units are on scene and it's a damn boner fest."

"Don't tone out the fire department or it will turn into a boner Fest."
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by Madam Poochaneenie June 13, 2017
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