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n. what one gets when one is turned on or inordinately excited by a stimulus or activity that is generally acknowledged as nerdy, geeky, etc.
"Oh my god, did you see that computer keyboard made out of Scrabble tiles?! IT TOTALLY GAVE ME A BONERD."
by RaeReezy January 22, 2009
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Bonerd: (Boh-Nerd) The act of getting excited or aroused from something normal people would find nerdish.
Ken-"dude, I totally just caught a Shiny Zapdos"

Joe-"thats sick man!"

Ken-"I know man, I just got a total Bonerd!"
by Hugo Daonder March 24, 2011
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Part bogan, part nerd. Is into both thrash/death/extreme metal and tooling around with computers, or some other geeky pastime, such as anime or tabletop gaming. Often found posting about metal on the internet.

A bonerd will often have shorter hair and less visible tattoos than a traditional bogan (due to the nature of their IT Support role), but one look at their itunes playlist or wardrobe will leave no doubt as to their heritage.
Yo I ran into Craig the other day. That guy's a total bonerd now.
by Bonerd Prime May 12, 2010
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If you take something someone says, and change a word to "boner", you have BONER'd them.
Joe: "You have issues, Zanmato... and I like it!"
Zanmato: "You have boner, Zanmato... and I like it! BONER'd!"
by Steaver370 March 23, 2005
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