Bomboclatt is a Jamaican curse that has no real meaning, its just a curse. It is mostly used to place emphasis on something.
Example 1: "Wah di bomboclatt wrang wid u?"...thats just like saying "What the hell is wrong with you?" emphasis

Example 2: "Bomboclatt!!"...this is used when in shock, similar to word like "OMG!" or "O SH**!!" shock

Example 3:" Move b4 mi box u cross yo bomboclatt face"...this is the same as saying "Move before I slap you across your f***ing face". adjective
by JamRoq Wallace December 01, 2006
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used in da jamaican language. when de person tha es sayin it es really pleased or surprised or shocked, some one es annoying the hell outta dem an pisssed off, or tellin dem child or someone to so sum ting right.
surprised/shocked:: "dayum... dat bomboclatt pikneychild or kidd hit mi cyar!!!
damn. that dumn ass kid hit my car

annoyed:: "lissen mi nuh, mi a beg yuh stap fingle-fingle up de bomboclatt mango dem.
why are you squeezing the fu**in mangoes like that?

do the right thing:: "ee-eeeee gyal gwane put sum bomboclatt coconut oyil pawn yuh alligata skin."
oh my god. susie go and put some blasted coconut oil on your dry/rough skin.
by nicoleee March 27, 2007
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