bofar can mean whatever you want it to mean.
idk = bofar

okay = bofar

whatever = bofar

that’s life = bofar

weird = bofar
i love u = bofar
you’re so weird. = you’re so bofar.
by bofarrr February 3, 2019
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To make a mistake, to really screw something up. A variant on the acronym FOBAR.
Boy, she really bofared trying to make that work.

Don't bofar that piece of antique furniture. It was made in the early 1400's, and it's the last of it's kind. So be careful dude!!
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Both of Ours
"wheres my bike?" says Red
"what bike?" said D-BO
"you know the one i lent you the other day,we can keep it at my house its kinda like bofars." says Red
by Ricardo II December 25, 2008
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Refers to something belonging to both you and another person.
It's not just mine or yours, it's bofars.
by JJ7212 November 4, 2003
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