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typically refers to any area on the body that can be grabbed between thumb & forefinger, clamped with forecepts, & driving a needle of significant size through the clamped skin. Once the needle is through, forecepts are removed, & specific body jewelry is threaded through. In a professional, sterile environment, the piercer will mark, & swab the area to be pierced so that the piercing will be straight, & room for infection will be minimized. All instruments will have been treated by an auto clav, & opened from a sterile pouch. Instructions for proper after care will be given verbally as well as in written form.
During the mid 90's, there was a flurry of body piercing done, mostly to girl's navels, followed by tongues, nipples, & genitals. Ears, not so much, as that could be done by any dimwit with a gun at a kiosk at the mall- but, they would have piercers stretch 'em to look like brassknuckles danglin' from their lobes!
by miss_l January 29, 2011
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