Shaming someone for their body type.
Sara: “ew hes too skinny”

Jeff: “shes soooo fat it’s disgusting”

Mary: “she’d be pretty if she were skinnier”

Dan: “hes so fat, how does he even have a girlfriend?”

Body Shaming is not okay.
by Body Shaming August 19, 2014
The act of discriminating against other body types.
"That girl is skinny, she must be a bitch" Body Shaming
"Ew she's fat she must not have a life" Body shaming
by Star@Heart September 6, 2015
Something mostly done by women, who then complain about it being done to them
Woman: I only talk to men who have 30+ inches
Man: You're slightly overweight
Woman: That's body shaming
by InsertOriginalName March 9, 2022
Shaming someone for something they cant change about their body.
I would never date an amputee

He's not even 5 foot yet!

This is body shaming
by Chappy0509 January 8, 2022