4 definitions by Star@Heart

A mix of Nervous and Excited all at once!
Nervousited is that feeling you get when you are both nervous and exited at the same time.
by Star@Heart April 17, 2015
Its a lot like calling your girlfriend Baby Girl except she's your wife and is pregnant with your child.
Baby mama needs some food, she's eating for two now!
by Star@Heart August 27, 2015
The act of discriminating against other body types.
"That girl is skinny, she must be a bitch" Body Shaming
"Ew she's fat she must not have a life" Body shaming
by Star@Heart September 6, 2015
The act of being Crabby and Tabby. It should be noted that not all Tabby's are crabby.
Crabitha is always in a bad mood.
by Star@Heart May 11, 2015