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Mental disorder that makes you unable to look in a mirror without thinking how worthless and ugly you are. At one point you probably won't leave the house in order to avoid all the beautiful people and possible reflections of your imperfections
Ana started ditching class because her body dysmorphic disordergot so bad
by ~yellow Daffodil~ September 24, 2017
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One of many people who got famous because of ther plastic surgeries induced looks. It is estimated she spent 2 millions on:
-breast implants
-but implants
-lover rib removal
-lip injections
-jaw reconstruction
-chin implant to match match the new jaw
-eyebrow lift
-eyelid widening
-nose job
-cheek lift

So basically everything on her is fake and she completely changed her appearance
Susan: damn Sally be getting that butt implant, nose job and jaw reconstruction all at once
Meghan: she gonna Kylie Jenner it for real!
by ~yellow Daffodil~ May 30, 2018
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