A radio "talk" show where a group of people sit around and laugh for several hours. These two people are basically professional male hens who somehow became a syndicated radio program. Also, they probably get higher than a kite before they come to work so that they can laugh at increasingly humourless things.
Reginald: It's morning, I guess I'll listen to 101.5.

turns on radio
Bob and Tom: *laughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaugh*

hours later
News Anchor: In breaking news, police are trying to find a motive to why an area man jumped out a seven story window...
by Xzonza 1 January 22, 2010
Happy St. Patties Day!
Morning Talk Show guys. Stupid as Hell.
All I need in the am is the Bob and Tom show and half a capsule of cyanide.
by Gaylen Young February 10, 2009
Happy St. Patties Day!