Area Man lives in every area. He needs an area for uninhibited slack, negligence and laziness without any guilt, problems, questions, decisions, backtalk or bullshit. You don't disturb Area Man. You don't bother Area Man. Area Man just needs room to be Area Man in an increasingly shitty world where Area Man cannot fully realize his potential or fulfill life's petty demands. Let Area Man be Area Man.
Bob is sitting in a dark basement hungover and does not want to be disturbed as he is an Area Man.
by nutsonyachin December 28, 2013
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A urban area where more than one utility technician is required for the purpose of safety. A.K.A. "Designated Area"
An example of a "Two Man Area" is Father Panic, Bridgeport, CT.

by BRADCLiFF January 27, 2009
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