pronounced "bo-sun"

1. A Turkish term of endearance.
2. An ugly wanker
"Taylor, you boatswain"
"Hey boatswain, get your pants on and finish our media trailer"
by George Allen September 20, 2006
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Boatswains Mate is a word with more than one meaning.
1.A useless position, typically in a naval workplace, for which the only qualification is proper color vision.
2.Easily angered, when subordinates do less work than they do.
3.Micromanagement skills are key to success in this rate.
4.One who likes to snitch.
5.If male, typically has a petite penis, however, if female typically has penis.
6.Is anxiously watching the news for a repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell"
7.Expendable, little to no actual value to the Armed Forces.
8.If angered, expect lots of furious ranting, but due to lack of manhood, retaliation is unlikely.
9.Recent studies have shown that the average Boatswains Mate Cries himself to sleep due to the lack of testosterone in his bloodstream. If female, she cries herself to sleep due to a lack of male attention.
10.Evidence shows that Boatswains Mates were used instead of Monkeys in Russian space experiments.
11.Can be used in place of any insult. Such as: Toolbag, Duche, Steaming Pile of Shitbag, Bench Rider, Dumbass, Cum Guzzler, Parasite, Influenza, Shit Stain
"Dude, dont be such a worthless waste of time." Becomes "Dude dont be such a Boatswains Mate"
by engineersalldaymil December 5, 2010
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A Black Author via. Amazon/Kindle. Also, a book publisher to those who desire to get their own story told, via. #Amazon and #Kindle
Brianna Boatswain published five books on Amazon and Kindle.
by Miss Boatswain November 24, 2021
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Lewis Boatswain, heh a name that makes no sense.

The name "Lewis" means "renowned, famous battle", and boatswain means a number of things, most notably "a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew". So tell me this, Lewis Boatswains of the world, how can you be a:
Renowned, famous battle a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew.
Exactly you can't, because you're a walking contradiction.
Did you see that guy there?
Yeah he looks like such a Lewis Boatswain.
by TantiPraenuntiaFabam May 7, 2022
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