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- noun
1. a thrusting blow to the chin, esp. with the fist.
2. an unexpected result with negative shocking consequences


3. to give swift punch to the chin.
4. to receive a sudden or unexpected assault to a person's face
5. to received an unexpected assault to one's character or person
6. to betrayal with extremely negative results
–verb (used without object)
3. to give a sharp blow to a person or thing, as with the fist: She blutzed him.
1. When Jason wasn't looking Steve blutzed him and left his face black and blue.

2. Alicia blutzed Paul when she announced she was leaving him for his best friend
by Aeonoftime March 13, 2010
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Something you expected to be cool that turned out to be a disappointment.
"That party was supposed to be awesome, but there was no alcohol and the music sucked. It was a huge blutz."
by COCcoolcharting October 14, 2011
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