A marching drum corps full of angels and gods alike. Their beautiful brass sound shakes the stands and gives your heart a small orgasm. You will never regret watching the Bluecoats play. Especially the 2016 wink. That was just sexy
And in first place........ THE BLUECOATS!!!!!!
by Brendinixxx March 28, 2018
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A term used to describe a womans time of the month, named after the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool UK. A place where you will only go to roughly once a month but you will not really enjoy it and it is inevitable that the visit will happen.
I was supposed to be seeing Laura today but can't as she's Bluecoating.
by Sulli's man February 29, 2012
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avoiding censorship and/or legal detection by using technical means such as VPNs or tunnels to evade detection of nefarious internet acivities, esp. spreading bestiality and hansard material
these sicko people are bluecoating all the time and the government have no idea it's going on
by Andrei-A June 18, 2013
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A school where the lads are the laddiest of all the lads, every sesh gremlin that lurks around the reading, Henley or Marlow area is at bluecoat. It is the common ground of the party animals. It is in well known that’s oratory do not get on with bluecoat.

Bluecoat lads enter bluecoat a young inexperienced lad but they leave with bluecoat spirit in there blood and takes the bluecoat seshing ways to other places.
Ohhh shit what a party , oh ye it’s Cos the bluecoat boys r here

Is that sl bandz. Uno the ones from tik tok Reading bluecoat school right
by Jesss Kay November 5, 2019
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very big school. fun to bully year 7s, teachers don't care about ur learning but they only care about your skirt length. waste of fucking time!!
the bluecoat school is fugly
by willayy October 8, 2021
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