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All-boys prep school in virginia with the reputation of having good sports teams, with good looking guys who know how to party. well known for beating woodberry and STAB in basketball year after year. however, do not have the snotty reputation. known to party with foxcroft girls.
That blue ridge boy can really hold his alcohol.
by wfsucks March 15, 2005
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blue ridge is a camp that lets you be who you are with you bffs for seven weeks. u sleep in bunks with ur life long sisters and gossip about ur next social and who is gonna make a move on who. you gossip about who is gonna be chief and chief of tribes. you dread waking up in the morning but u can never fall asleep at night. u live for spirit and jumping into the lake with you bffs. the counselors that have gone to camp share stories on their bed at night and are so relatable. the international counselors sit on their beds and try to relate but they can’t because you only know what blue ridge is like when you live ten months for two all year and you live the dreams of the legendary past campers.
can’t wait to go to blue ridge.

omg me too blue ridge is the best camp ever!!!
by i ain’t telling u my name November 23, 2018
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To get taken advantage of by a random black guy when you are blacked out drunk at a party.
Did you hear Michelle got Blueridged last weekend?
by Wilmer May 01, 2006
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