This is formed when an aircraft has a leak in the waste system (the John). If the leak allows the liquid to escapes the aircraft at high altitude it then freezes and forms blue ice.
Holy sh1t some blue ice smashed through my roof!

I dont understand, one second my cat was ok the next splat!?
by Bob Morley April 14, 2005
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1. A word used to describe an unbelievable situation.
2. A word used to describe someone who does something unbelievable.
1. Dude, she broke up with me, so blue ice.
2. You got a 98 in math again! You're so blue ice.
by NeonK November 10, 2020
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When she go down on you while chewing winterfresh gum and blow on your butt hole right before you nut.
Damn son, my side hoe hit me up wit dat hotline bling last nite and blew my mind wit dat ice blue mink!
by TacoBandit March 21, 2017
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They are… well… ummmmmm… they taste like rum
A song: ice blue burritos yum yum yum! Ice Blue burritos In my yum yum yum! Ice Blue burritos tast like rum rum rum! Ice Blue burritos… UM UM UMMMMMM!!!
by BiUnicornRules13! April 16, 2022
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