Blue energy is a word invented by a unicorn goddess. it's like magic. It means positive energy. If someone tells you that you are giving them blue energy it means that you lift them up, motivate them inspire them, or give them energy.
Hey could you pass me a little of the blue energy
At the gym getting a refill on my blue energy
Tell me some stupid jokes because I could really use some blue energy.
by badassunicorngoddess January 14, 2018
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Similar to crack head energy, gives you an uneasy feeling as if you had encountered them on the last train downtown
"Did you see that chick arguing with a orange!"
"Yeah she had strong blue line energy!"
by Alternate name December 20, 2019
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Blue Shy Guy Energy is the desperate need to not be noticed. Named for the definitive act of not only choosing to play as Shy Guy in Mario Kart, but also play as the blue version, the least noteworthy version.
Someone with Blue Shy Guy Energy fears individuality and thrives in a Kafkaesque world.
"Nathaniel, you're radiating Blue Shy Guy Energy today"
by The Big Spicy August 18, 2021
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