The act of finding literary symbolism where there is none. Refers to a (n apparently deleted) Not Always Right story in which students at a reading tell the author that their professor insists that s/he repeatedly included references to blue curtains because s/he is depressed, and the author replies that blue is simply his/her favorite color.
Professor: Sylvia Plath's "Morning Song" talks about The Fool's Journey...
Student: You found kabbalah, astrology and alchemy in a poem about giving birth? Sounds like a lot of blue curtains to me!
by Kotora September 22, 2018
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When a writer or director is asked afterwards if a certain aspect of their work is intentionally symbolical or meaningful in the larger context of their story and they confirm it, even though in reality they never intended for that to be the case.
Did you know that the author said the blue curtains in that scene represent the emotional state of the character?

I don't know man, that sounds like blue curtaining to me.
by Bloomin' JooJ April 20, 2022
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