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Does it really need a definition? u get everything about it from its name. Its a bean. Made of blubber. A blubber-bean. God knows what genious made that up. Usually feasted on by mr and mrs walrous and other such blubbery-sea mammals. If implanted into an animals left eye.A blubber-tree will grow. many blubber-pods grow on these trees, these then magicaly turn into cacti and then dissolve. The matter left from this is a blubber bean. The whole cycle then starts again. Of course, if there is a nearby eye.
Hey, i grew a blubber tree today!
Oh cool! what flavour?
Blubber you idiot!
Find a nice eye for it?
Yeah its ok i guess.I named my tree Janice you know.
My, what a pretty name! What about the blubber-bean?
by Lewis Palmer August 20, 2006
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when a "fart" runs up the anterior side of the body (instead of posterior), trapping the toxic gas in the scrotum...causing the male genitals to inflate like a balloon, and causing extreme disgust/discomfort.
While lying on your sofa you let out ablubber bean...disgusted with yourself you lay motionless, hoping that nobody would notice the look of shame on your face or smell the horror that lurked inside your pants.
by johnny rutenmiezer February 06, 2011
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